About Us

SnaxCo is all about the unexpected! Think you’re going to get a plain old chocolate chip cookie? Well, you’re not. You’re going to get the best darn chocolate chip cookie you’ve ever had! All of our cookie flavours have been tested and tweaked to give you the absolute best! We’re a small cookie company with big dreams of taking our flavours to everyone!

Joanne McFadden

Baker,Founder & CEO

SnaxCo is the ingenious idea of Baker Joanne McFadden; that Cookie flavours should always be Unexpected! Joanne hails from PEI, Canada and has been baking alongside her Mom since she was a kid. Her love of cooking carried on to her graduating from the Culinary Institute of Canada with both her Culinary Arts and Pastry Diplomas. Jo has always had a strong knack for French cuisine, and usually found herself on the kitchen team in one of the great Bistros across Canada! Of course, her talented hand in pastry always had her creativity sparked which led her to creating the baking program at Vancouver’s Greenhorn Cafe for the past 5 years. Of course, family has always been first and foremost for Joanne so she found herself with her husband and their two fur people, Cassie Mae and Finnegan, settling into Burlington, Ontario in late 2022 and with family & cookies always on her mind, SnaxCo was born!

CLassic cookie dough with potato chip crunch and butterscotch chips

Egg, Gluten, Dairy

Teddy Graham cookie stuffed with Vanilla Icing

Egg, Gluten, Dairy, Soy

Chocolate Malt cookie dough, BURSTING with marshmallows

Egg, Gluten, Dairy, Cocoa, Honey

Graham flavoured cookie dough, packed with milk chocolate chips, graham cracker pieces and a giant toasted marshmallow

Egg, Gluten, Dairy, Chocolate, Soy, Gelatin